Missoula Fly Fishing Report/Snowpack 2/15/22

 The springtime sharks are circling. 
The Bitterroot River and Clark Fork River are both passable.  It looks like the big ice-jams have broken up and the water looks great, albeit a bit low. There has been some fishing on lower Rock Creek, too. The Blackfoot River was still frozen across in a few spots as of Saturday. If you go this week try the usual zebra type midges, small p.t s, SJ worm. I’m surprised that some misguided soul hasn’t posted a picture of a “skwala”.  Remember kids: a nemora is not a skwala.
The Missouri River has been fishing with the usual pink stuff and midges.
Barring a bizarre heat-wave like last June, it looks like we’ll have a little snow to supplement flows. The weather has been mild, but there is a significant cold snap headed our way.  Hopefully there will be some measurable snow associated with it.

Here’s what we look like now:

Make of it what you will.
I am thinking I will pull the boat out of the garage this Friday- maybe take her for a quick spin. It’s probably getting to be that time.