Missoula, Montana Fishing Report 3/1/22


Missoula, Montana Fly Fishing Report is for Suckers!
Suckers! Cold as balls!

Clark Fork River Fishing Report- It has been icy, but the nymphing has been ok on the big, slow insides. Definitely get below the Bitterroot River/Clark Fork confluence. San Juans, some smaller (10-14) stone nymphs.  Maybe a bigger p.t, but this water is going to get a tiny bit dirty this week.

Bitterroot River Fishing Report- If you like to drag your boat around some expansive ice-jams, then this is your time. Instayoutugram that moment when you realize that you are hosed. I looked at a fair bit of water today and the ice walls look better suited for cramp-ons than for some flat-brimmed, tamp-ons. Keep your eyes peeled for skwalas this week, and keep looking and looking and looking and… Stay lower in the system if you want to dirty-drag some frozen, lethargic trouts from their survival strongholds.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report- Cold. Go elsewhere. Go ice-fishing.

Rock Creek Fishing Report- I drove up da crick this weekend. It looked tiny and very cold.  I would think that the slush will disappear this week, and the water might be a tad warmer and dirtier. I think it will be pretty good up there with a worm and a prince and a turd.

Missouri River Fishing report- Midges- zebra or otherwise. Or pink. Think slow water. If it gets warmer this week there could be a few fish nibbling midges on top. If that happens, put on four more split-shot, go deeper and video the entire saga. That’ll at least get you some “likes”.