Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Report-2/4/16

Well, it looks like we’ve muddled through most of another winter. This week has been outrageously pleasant; like terrifyingly pleasant. Remember last year about this same time?  Let’s hope that we get a little more snow in the high country and some colder night-time temps.  I cannot handle another summer with needlessly prolonged river closures and smoke.

We had a trip this past week. It’s always so fun to get out when nobody is around, for that won’t be the case in about 6 weeks.   The fishing was what I would call “good”.
This week will be the week to go make a few casts on any of the Missoula area rivers, what with the 50 degree temps that are predicted.
Rock Creek: Flows are just about right for some wade fishing fun. Look to the deep, slow stuff. The old San Juan, p.t. and small Pat’s rubber legs should turn some heads. Rigs about four feet long will do the trick, and keep ’em light, as in, go easy on the lead. You’ll be limited to everything below about mile 10. The road is icy and sketchy.  Call Deb at Trout Bums-406-825-6146. She’ll have the most current scoop.We really have had success lately using the pink bobber.  Now, I know this is a bone of contention amongst a lot of these new local guides-some say yellow, orange, and some even say white. These guys should know- they go through a lot of them each year.  But, if you want to catch more trout, use the pink ones.
Bitterroot River: So we guided the Bitterroot last week. The good fishing window was from about 1-4:30. I must say that I was impressed with how agreeable the trout were.  Water temp was a nipply 35 degrees, so it goes with saying that there were no fish up. I did see a handful of midges, and we managed a fish or two on the mighty zebra#18. Our best bug was a wire worm with a standard SJ dropped off of that.  The whole rig was 4 feet long. As previously mentioned, our bobber was pink. I have heard, and it makes perfect sense,  that the Grizzly Hackle has the most extensive selection of Thingamabobbers in town.
Missouri River: The fishing has been good on all of  the standard stuff. Czechs, amex s, zebras, etc…
You can pull smaller streamers through the frog water and pick up nice fish, too. It was about 3 years ago in mid-february that we had several skwala eats between Wolf Creek and Craig. Stop in the Trout Shop or Wolf Creek Angler for bugs and chit-chat. Definitely check the wind forecast before you pull out of the driveway.

                                  Lastly, I must share this picture of a popular local outfitter:

Dreams of sugar-plums…