Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Report- It looked better last week, might be better next week.

Missoula area fishing report is as follows:

Clark Fork River and Bitterroot River- It has gotten a bit big with the latest melt. There are still some March Browns around, some big drakes and a few stones. On the Clark Fork you will see plenty of the willow stones (not a danged skwala) and in the right spots fish will still hunt them down. Don’t be afraid of sticking to the dry. As for underwater fishing, look to the smallish sparkle minnow, jig zirdle and the 12 P.T. jig. The swirlies are stuffed with all sorts of floating debris.  As long as the color continues to be so-so you can expect the fishing to be so-so. It was pretty solid until today. The flows are likely to continue increasing rapidly.

Rock Creek- When it stabilizes it will be very good. Look to the worm and the turd. If you just can’t bring yourself to toss a bobber, God bless you.   You are not alone.   Tie on a small and yellow streamer or just look for risers.

Blackfoot River- It is on a steep rise but you can totally find some good fish.  If you have 1.5′ of viz, then you have fishable water.  The worm and the heavy Pat’s will do it. Try an olive woolheady sculpin in the slow insides.  You might catch a fish that’ll scare you. Bring a few big parachute hare’s ears in case you find some big drakes. Bring a bear spray spritzer, too. You’ll probably be just fine.