Missoula Montana Fly Fishing

Here’s the scoop on the fly fishing rivers of western Montana: they are shot! You might see a slight drop in flows at the Darby station or on the Blackfoot. With the snow and rain that fell recently, it will surely blow out this week. As soon as the Clark Fork and Bitterroot come back in, the fishing will be stellar. For now, tie some flies, plant your garden, take a nap.

Missouri River brownie from this week.

Or, you can go to the world-famous Missouri River; where the men are men and the bobbers float high and proud. As always, the pink thingamabobber is our top choice. The fish feel more comfortable with pink vs. orange or yellow.  Seriously though, the Mo’ is fishing well.  There are oodles of BWOs even in the sun. You’ll find some nice fish rising mixed in with the smaller fish. Nymph-wise, it’s the usuals-hot bead sows, green machine, rainbow czech, zebra, etc. The water bumped a bit in the last 24 hours, but it is still pretty darned low.  We had great success with smaller white/olive streamers this week. Fish them a bit slower, and with longer pauses. Them trouts are cold. For the dries, 16 BWO cripples, 14 and 16 para-adams, skwala,  and Griffith’s gnats if you’re a masochist.