Missoula Skwala Fishing-Almost,almost,not quite…

Not bad, for a beginner!

I managed to test float a new fly fishing guide this past week. It went about as expected; in, out, too fast. Overall, not bad. We can shine him up. I fished a dry, as did Mike the Meatman, and we caught a few. The eats were confident and the weather was perfect. There were plenty of 100% banks that I can now call 99% banks. But it was good enough. It’s March 12 for Pete’s sake! If you’re gonna make a day of it look to the upper and middle reaches of the Bitterroot. A single dry will work if you just leave it on your line. Look to the slower banks for solid dry fly grabs.  Actually, it would be better if all of you local floggers just stayed home. Isn’t there still enough snow for some knuckle-draggin’? But seriously, if you go put your hat on straight and leave the Gopros and tweets in the truck.

Earlier this week I also got into a fender bender with a driver on one of Missoula’s beautifully planned streets. Judging from the massive Power-Bait decal that was blocking his sight-picture, I can only assume that he was bait fisherman.