Montana Fly Fishing is about over!


Kevin D. finally caught a good one!
Thank you to all of our clients who fished with us in 2016.
See you soon!
In spite of the low water levels on the Blackfoot, Clark Fork and Bitterroot, 2016 proved to be a great season for our anglers and our guides. We began our trips on February 6 and will be finishing our guided trips next week, on November15th!
As I write this, our 2017 schedule is beginning to fill up. So if you’ve been waiting to lock in some dates, it might be  a good time to that.
Here are the reports for the last few weeks:
Missouri River: Midges and some baetis. Frankly, the weather has been way too nice for the dry fly fishing to be killer.  If you go to the Mo’ look to the zebra in 18 and 20, sow bug in 18, small green machines… If you have trouble stop in at the Trout Shop. If it actually gets cloudy and cold we should see some righteous dry fly fishing.
Bitterroot River: The flows are up due to the rains from a few weeks back. That, and the fact that the ranchers are net pulling every single drop out of the river anymore.
I don’t think you’ll be waiting in line on the ramp. Small buggers, purple haze 16,18 to the few risers that you’ll see. If you just can’t stop nymphing try the good ol’ P.T. n 18, Zebra in 16,18 and the SJ worm.  But, please, just STOP CHASING A BOBBER DOWN THE RIVER. How is it that thingamabobber fishing is the new default?
Blackfoot River: Cold! Need more info than that?
Clark Fork River: There should still be some baetis around. Buggers in brown and black should be working, as should smaller princes and p.t.s. If you are willing to walk a bit, find a soft piece of water, foam hole, etc. and you’ll be able to pick off a few risers in the afternoons.