Montana Snowpack update, Missoula, Montana 3/8/17

The fly fishing rivers of Montana should be in good shape this year, as there is ample snow in the high country and more falling each day. Yes, we’re all sick and tired of gray and drizzle and cold. Yes, we’re all ready to jump back in the boats and poke around on the Bitterroot, looking for a few risers willing to smash a dry. But for now, we’ll hang tight and watch the final death throes of what has been a LONG winter.

So here it is:
Current Montana snowpack:

Current Montana stream flows:

Precipitation outlook 2017 (from NOAA)

Forecast confidence is moderate for eastern Oregon and western Montana. 

Long-term drought continues across the high Plains of eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota. A slight tilt the odds for above-median precipitation is forecast for this region from March through May. 30 to 40 percent of annual precipitation typically occurs during this three month period. Based on these factors, drought removal is forecast.”

So it all looks fairly good for the upcoming season. So there. Now go nymph.